Thursday, November 30, 2006

Scuba Buoyancy Simulator Software

Scuba Buoyancy Simulator SoftwareThis FREE program simulates some of the effects of diving with SCUBA. Some of the effects are exaggerated for instructional purposes. Click on the Header to download.The factors considered are:* Wetsuit compression* Weight of air in cylinder* Cylinder material* Weight belt* Air consumption is affected by depth* Air consumption is increased by swimming up or down* Excessive negative or positive buoyancy cannot be overcomeby swimming aloneTry planning your dive and diving your plan: Think of a target depth, then descend and maintain it. When you reach your pre-determined air pressure, ascend to your safety stop depth and maintain that depth, then ascend to the surface.Your goal is to ascend slowly at the end of your dive, without triggering an "ASCEND SLOWER" alarm on the dive computer screen, make a safety stop, and surface with not less than 300 PSI of air in your cylinder.

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