Monday, December 11, 2006

Croatia Clashes with Brussels on Adriatic Fishing

Croatia Clashes with Brussels on Adriatic Fishing
CROATIA: December 7, 2006

ZAGREB - Croatia clashed with the European Union on Wednesday over its plan
to create a protected zone in the Adriatic Sea to preserve fish stocks and
limit pollution.

When the Croatian parliament decided to set up the zone, it agreed to exempt
neighbouring Slovenia and Italy, both members of the bloc which Zagreb hopes
to join in 2010.
But Prime Minister Ivo Sanader, under pressure from the opposition and the
powerful fishing lobby, signalled last week that he might go back on the

An angry EU Commission urged Croatia in a strongly worded statement on
Wednesday to keep its word.

"It would be detrimental to Croatia's credibility as a reliable partner in
the region if it came out now with a unilateral move by activating the
zone," the Commission said.

Sanader replied that Croatia had every right to proclaim the zone and
accused the Commission's representative in Zagreb of overstepping his
authority by questioning the legality of Croatia's actions.

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Anonymous said...

Hunger for Croatia's Adriatic coast and land is not fair. But Slovenia now a part of the EU gang, is not the only country, EU's land grab crime is lower then we as a free people can prosses. The EU's top diplomat, Jose Manuel Barroso, warned Croatia, no its bully' Titoist-style leaders in Croatia for Adriatic coast and fishing in Croatia's waters. Slovene and EU fishermen like to be able to go about their business unhindered in part of Croatian waters. What is sad about all this, is the fact that Italy and Slovenia, now a part of the EU gang, disallow Croatia from fishing in their waters, yet they create a storm if Croatia wishes to place the same regulations on their own waters. This is an example of a richer country taking from a poorer country's resources. If this poorer country says anything, then the richer country calls his gang (the EU countries) and they try to intimidate Croatia into giving in. This is just one of many examples.

And the EU wonders why there is a growing anti-EU feel in Croatia. It seems that the Croats will endure this insult, in the name of peaceful reintegration.