Thursday, December 14, 2006

World Governments Adopt Sustainable Fisheries Resolution

World Governments Adopt Sustainable Fisheries Resolution

NEW YORK, New York, December 12, 2006 (ENS) - Concerned that overfishing,
illegal catches, wasteful methods and destructive techniques are depleting
fish stocks and ruining fragile marine habitats in many parts of the world,
the UN General Assembly Friday called on all nations to take "immediate
action," to sustainably manage fish stocks, and protect vulnerable deep sea
ecosystems from harmful fishing practices.

The General Assembly adopted a consensus resolution introduced by the United
States that asks all countries to apply the "precautionary approach" and an
"ecosystem approach" to the conservation, management and exploitation of
fish stocks.

The resolution expressed the Assembly's particular concern that illegal,
unreported and unregulated fishing is a serious threat to fish stocks,
marine habitats and ecosystems, as well as the food security and the
economies of many nations, particularly poorer ones.

Globally, more than half of global fish stocks, 52 percent, are fully
exploited found a study issued jointly earlier this year by the UN
Environment Programme, UNEP, and the World Conservation Union, IUCN.

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