Thursday, January 18, 2007

Emotional Anti-Whaling Battle Escalates in Southern Ocean

CANBERRA, Australia, January 16, 2007 (ENS) - Australian EnvironmentMinister Ian Campbell says Japanese whalers will not be allowed to dock inAustralia as long as he is minister. Japan is about to begin its annual hunt of whales in the Southern Oceanunder a provision in the International Whaling Commission regulations thatallows for scientific research. This year Japan plans to kill up to 935 Antarctic minke whales and 10endangered fin whales. Humpback whales will be targeted in next year's hunt.A longtime opponent of whaling, Senator Campbell says no Japanese whalingvessel can come in to an Australian port.
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3kun said...

The Japanese catch, which is done for scientific reasons, has been approved by the IWC. There is not a single piece of legislature from any nation on earth that says Japan cannot carry on its cultural traditions.

The truth is, the anti-whaling groups are just engaging in the same old racist Japan-bashing that they did 60 years ago - at that time they called the Japanese “Buck toothed Yellow people” - and now they attack Japan’s cultural traditions.

It is an agenda meant to harm Japan, born from the Tokyo Tribunals and the policies of the Chinese Communist Party, which seek any way to victimize the Japanese.

Australia’s minister has effectively declared war on Japan, not unlike the US, who denied Japan her resources 65 years ago, forcing Japan into a war she did not want; Japan only wanted peace, but the blockade then is starting to resemble the blockade now. It seems that acts of Australian aggression are only meant to put Japan into a corner. The sad part is that it’s all done to appease the Chinese Communist Party, from whence the west receives its cheap labor. Again, Japan will be forced to fight for its survival, as the west attempts to starve it of its natural resources.