Monday, February 12, 2007

Sea Shepherd Crewmen Rescued After Confronting Whalers

ABOARD THE FARLEY MOWAT, Southern Ocean, February 8, 2007 (ENS) - Twocrewmembers from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship the Farley Mowatwere found and safely rescued eight hours after being lost at sea followinga confrontation with the Japanese whaling fleet. Sea Shepherd is in Antarctic waters to protect endangered whales from theJapanese fleet which has plans to kill over 900 whales in the AntarcticWhale Sanctuary this year. They are mainly targeting minke whales, but havestated their intention to take up to 10 endangered fin whales. The Zodiac inflatable carrying 2nd Officer Karl Neilsen, 29, of Australia,and Engineer John Gravois, 24, of the United States, fell back from theother two Sea Shepherd ships after its fiberglass hull cracked and filledwith water.

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Jeremy said...

I saw what the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society does when we were at a screening of Sharkwater at the Toronto Film Festival. Impressive work, I'm glad everyone is safe.