Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ten tonnes of fish killed in polluted Serbian river

Nearly ten tonnes of dead fish have been found in a polluted Serbian river in the second such incident this month, a local fishermen's association said Tuesday. "Samples of the dead fish and water from the Toplica river were taken" for checks, Serbia's ecology inspector Dragoslav Djordjevic was quoted as saying by the Beta news agency.The Toplica, near the central Serbian town of Kursumlija -- some 290 kilometers (175 miles) south from the capital Belgrade is one of the smaller tributaries of the Sava river।
Dragan Mijajlovic from Kursumlija's fisherman's association said the incident was similar to another earlier this month, when some 20 tonnes of fish had perished due to a high concentration of ammonia in the river."The investigation is yet to show who might be responsible," Mijajlovic said.He said two factories had been warned about the possible consequences of spilling waste into the river.

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